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  • Carbonite Review

    Carbonite was the first company to make backup simple and release an affordable service anyone could use.

    Today, Carbonite is still the most user-friendly and one of the best overall online backup products. Check it out.

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  • MyPC Backup Review

    MyPCBackup just launched in 2011, but they have taken the online backup market by storm!

    If you are looking for automatic, online backup with unlimited storage space, MyPC Backup could be just what you need.

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  • Mozy Review

    Mozy is another service that has been around and proven itself over the past five years.

    If you value reliability and the backing of a large, stable corporation when backing up your precious data, check out Mozy.

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  • Dropbox Review

    Dropbox is not a full-featured online backup service, but it is unbeliveably easy to use and so useful, I have to recommend it.

    If you're sick of e-mailing files to yourself or carrying around a flash drive, Dropbox is the answer.

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The Best Computer Backup and Online Backup Reviews for 2012

If there's a sure thing with computers, it's that they fail. They crash, break down, get stolen, and give out due to old age. If your data isn't backed up, it disappears!

All your important files for work, your homework, your tax documents, and all your precious family photos and home videos can be gone in a flash.

You need to back up your computer, and you need to do it NOW!

It might not be fun, but you know what's less fun? Losing your data. Writing reports and filling out spreadsheets a second time. Working overtime without pay to correct your mistakes.

Catch my drift?

You're in luck, though - we'll show you how to set up your backup once and have it work automatically after that. Each day your data will be backed up in the background without any effort!

You'll also discover the difference between local backup and offsite, remote, and online backup (or cloud backup.) We compare the top services, and we'll show you how to get the best setup for your needs.

You can even contact us for a personalized recommendation based on your specific needs (for free!)

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